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Updated: May 21, 2023

Where you no longer allow your thoughts or any old routine or habit to rule your actions or your life. This movie portrays asceticism from a common perspective. I always attempt to find my own personality in my works. When a body is drugged and you are reeling from the news, your mind is being pinched. Where you are repeatedly sliding into the updates' abyss, helplessly trapped by some behaviors that make it simpler to swallow.

How a person is striving to pursue their life through a journey of contemplative ideas.

During Covid times, amidst the darkest dungeon, in order to explore spiritual sensibilities some kind of self-control was fundamental.

Coming out of the place where the worldly updates does not control your lifestyle, only you can. During this time, when you were defenseless and exposed to terrible slander on news broadcasts and social media. This has been the ultimate guide, the way of life to make peace within yourself where light is guiding your mind, and nothing ultimately rules over you.

Vienna Exhibition - Days of Unearthing - 2022

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